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Cuenta de Ingreso

Captiv8 Aquaculture formulates and produces, in our private U.S. facility, a diverse assemblage of solutions, dry blends, and ionic compounds for establishment and precise maintenance of inorganic and organic water chemistry, suitable for: 

  • Agriculture (encompassing aquaculture, horticulture, hydroponics, and combinations thereof);

  • Research;

  • Biofuel production;

  • Curation of living displays in museums, zoological parks, education centers, places of business, or residences;

  • Academic applications;

  • Lake and pond management;

  • Ecosystem remediation.

Pricing and availability is fluid, and reflects prevailing material costs and quantity of material ordered.  Captiv8 Aquaculture-branded products may not be re-sold without written authorization from Captiv8 Aquaculture.

If the total value of items ordered meets or exceeds $200 USD, then a 20% discount is automatically applied to goods at checkout.  For orders over $1,000, please contact us prior to placing your order, as discounted shipping rates may apply.

Reef Blueprint-branded products, produced exclusively for aquarium enthusiasts, are only available through authorized dealers and are not sold through this portal.

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