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Minor and Trace Element sol'n for Marine and Brackish systems; Critical in systems employing Turf Scrubber filtration. Provides critical minor and trace elements (specifically, those not considered by researchers to be phytotoxic and which exhibit a nutrient-type depth profile in open oceanic waters) in NSW ratios, required by photoautotrophs (including zooxanthellae) for: photosynthesis, N2 assimilation and NO3 reduction, cell division, CO2 fixation, P acquisition, DNA transcription, and production of pigments, enzymes, and vitamins. Provides I, Mo, Ni, Zn, Mn, Cu, Se, V, Fe, Co. 1 drop / 50 gal. daily, or as ICP anaylsis dictates.

Isol8:MT 1000 mL

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